HVAC Maintenance: How Thinking Ahead Keeps Your Head above Water

Atlanta heating and air specialists are known to stress the importance of routine system care. Due to the regular and hectic daily demands of owning a home or business, HVAC maintenance is usually a subject that is considered only after a repair or expensive replacement occurs. For most owners, these questions still remain: How much money and hassle will scheduling save me? Is frequent service really necessary, or just a way for contractors to earn some extra cash? Here are some tips for choosing the best planned service agreement that Georgia has to offer.

Building Problems

Furnaces and air conditioning units are mechanical, made up of several different components that allow them to function properly. If you plan on enjoying comfortable temperatures throughout the blistering summer and chilly winter, you are going to have to nurture your system in the same way you would take care of any other machine you depend on every day. Although there are many reasons we maintain our vehicles, two of them stand out the most. Avoiding costly repairs, and extending the duration of use. It is common knowledge that a car owner who neglects oil changes will run into some even bigger problems down the road. The same concept applies for your system.

The thought of companies making up excuses to scare owners into spending their money is completely false when you consider that normal dust and dirt buildup are the leading causes of system failure. An HVAC maintenance plan is an effective way to care for your equipment in small, inexpensive doses, rather than facing an expensive replacement ordeal before you are actually due for one.

What to Expect from a Reasonable Plan

Now that we agree on the need to think ahead, choosing an Atlanta heating and air expert who is truly qualified for the job is a slightly different story. A worthwhile scheduled plan will provide a way for you to take preventative measures to extend the life of your equipment, without breaking the bank. Reputable companies will identify the specific goals of your plan, such as lowering your utility bills, improving safety, and providing healthier air for your family or employees. Affordable HVAC maintenance memberships will also offer incentives to owners with multiple units, priority scheduling to make the service process convenient, and special discounts to really stretch your dollar.

From Reasonable to Outstanding

Bardi continues to be the number one Atlanta heating and air provider that Georgians rely on for quality and affordable service plans. Weighing in at less than one dollar per day, Bardi offers HVAC maintenance agreements that are easy for owners to weave into their budgets, allowing them assurance that they are taking the most effective steps toward extending the life of their equipment. Each technician is NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified, and committed to spending as much time on each unit as the job calls for, for one flat annual fee. System tune-ups are conducted bi-annually for each member, guaranteeing equipment that will run at peak performance, every season of the year.


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