HVAC Companies in Atlanta: How Do You Choose the Right One?

Choosing an HVAC company is similar to buying a car: you search for the best advice, put it into action, and hope for the best. For many homeowners, it is the first part of the process – finding advice for evaluating heating and cooling companies – that poses a problem. In Atlanta and other cities, HVAC companies comprise a group of businesses that have one thing in common—they perform HVAC work. Beyond that, their qualifications, experience, and business approach can make them as different as night and day.


Separating Amateurs from Professionals

Today, many homeowners search for bargains on home services as vigilantly as they search for bargains on daily essentials. While frugality can improve one’s budget, it can also tempt one to invest in bad money saving opportunities, such as hiring an amateur HVAC technician to perform an inspection, cleaning, or, worst of all, an HVAC replacement. Each year hundreds of homeowners are ripped off in the form of shoddy workmanship performed by unqualified HVAC companies in Atlanta.


What qualifies an HVAC company as unqualified?

It starts with licensing. In Georgia, an HVAC company cannot render HVAC services unless it possesses at least a Class I Air Contractors License from the State Construction Industry Licensing Board. If the company works on systems that have over 175,000 BTU for heating and 60,000 BTU for cooling, it must possess a class II Air Contractors License. These rules also apply to independent technicians who do not work for a company.

Another area of qualification deals with insurance and bonding. Georgia does not require HVAC companies to be bonded or insured to receive a license. There are four reasons why you should not hire an unbonded, uninsured HVAC company: if you suffer injury, incur property damage, incur property loss, or incur financial loss as a result of the HVAC project. If any of these scenarios occur, the company will not have the money to compensate you. Your only option would be to pursue the matter legally.

A third area of qualification deals with how a company attracts customers. Amateur companies resort to business tactics that professional companies do not need, such as cold calling prospective customers and traveling door-to-door in search of work. If a company appears desperate to gain business, the reason for its desperation may be a lack of licensing or a poor business history.


Knowing a Good Deal

A good deal is one in which you receive great expertise, experience, and customer service for your money. Most companies that excel in these areas do not price their services well below the industry average. If they did, they could not afford the elite diagnostic equipment and highly qualified technicians that make them worth hiring. While you should look for a competitive price, you should not make price the deciding factor. Choosing an HVAC company is similar to buying a car—paying the lowest price often results in receiving lesser quality.

At Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand a homeowner’s need for quality and affordably priced HVAC service. That is why we use only the best technicians, and offer payment options that make our services affordable on a variety of budgets. If you are searching for HVAC companies in Atlanta, do not choose one that charges you a low price in return for poor service. Instead, call Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning, and let us offer you the best service for your money.


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