HVAC Atlanta: What Are Some of the Reasons For Gas Furnace Malfunction?

All HVAC systems operate under the same basic principles for distributing hot or cold air in your home. Furnaces found in Atlanta and other regions operate by means of either an electrical or gas source. Oil fueled systems are another possible option, but are less common than the other models. A heater is designed to pull cold air from your home so that it can be heated by a burner or coil inside the unit. The blower pushes the warmed air through the ductwork until the desired temperature has been reached. Your system will kick off at this point and become operable once the temperature has dropped below the thermostat setting.

A burner performs heating within fuel supplied units, whereas a coil is used for the same purpose on electrical models. Additionally, an ignition component supplies the flame needed for the burner to synthesize the fuel. The HVAC Atlanta servicing company you select should be familiar with the heating type, setup, model, and brand being used. A professional without this experience will be no more beneficial than if you were attempting to inspect the system yourself.

Atlanta Heating: Is Expert Assistance Necessary to Resolve the Problem?

Your gas furnace, like any other, can stop supplying warm air or quit functioning for many common reasons. The most prevalent causes are thermostat issues, breaker tripping, and blown fuses. Proper operation in these departments shows a larger problem has occurred. Gas heaters have two more components that must be checked before you can decide if professional Atlanta heating assistance is necessary. You must check the pilot light to ensure it is on as well as the control valve to be certain gas is being supplied. Do not take the time to investigate if a gas smell becomes present in your home. Instead, exit the structure and make the necessary calls for help. Lack of heat might require a thermostat change, breaker resets, new fuses, or igniting the pilot light. Any further steps need to be handled by an experienced professional when no heat is available.

Furnaces not providing the right air temperature might have dirty filters or burners. You can change the filters as an attempt to resolve the problem, but an Atlanta heating professional might need to clean or fine-tune the burner. Blower problems commonly contribute to situations where your unit frequently cycles. Your thermostat, motor, or filtration components might also be part of the problem. An adjustment to the thermostat may resolve air flow issues; however, you might need a technician to inspect belt tension or lubricate various motor parts. The belts might need to be adjusted or replaced, depending on their condition. Consistent blower operation could be due to faulty switches if the control settings are correct. A high pitched squeal in your gas furnace could be the sign of a slipped belt or bearing problems.

Bardi experts have years of experience in both the installation and maintenance of these units. Whether you need a simple routine check or full-blown maintenance visit, you can trust our HVAC Atlanta professionals to supply the most beneficial recommendations for getting system operation back on track.


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