How to Decrease Heating Costs with Minimal Efforts

As with previous years, the oil prices have once again risen. These drastic increases leave many people questioning how to decrease heating costs without breaking the bank. Energy bills are a concern year round but get more apparent during the coldest months. Propane, oil, gas, and electric heat all have their expenses. There are ways for you to get more out of your money. These changes are affordable and lower your homes energy consumption tremendously. Unless your unit is fairly old, it is worth your time to try these few tasks in an effort to lower monthly energy use.

First, check the amount of insulation currently in your attic. It should be in good condition so that it can trap cold air before it gets into the rest of the home. Older insulation gets brittle and is not as effective. Replacing it could make a big difference in overall costs. Second, take a look at all windows within your home. Tiny cracks and insufficient windows are another leading cause for increased monthly bills. Seal any found cracks and replace window seals when needed. Older windows may need to be swapped out for better efficiency. Weatherproof all doors and outside entrances. You can apply weather stripping to keep heat in and cold air out. Ceiling fans push warm air down into the rest of the home. They may also be reversed for summer months. Finally, shut off rooms that are not frequently used. This keeps warm air in needed areas and reduces the workload of your furnace.

Central Heating System Servicing Is a Cost Reducer

Another great way to ensure better operation and heating is through continued maintenance. If you do not have the time to tackle this job, a contractor is convenient and reliable. They can perform central heating system servicing at a minimal cost. During this process, the unit will be cleaned, tested, and repaired. A contractor can identify areas in which energy preservation opportunities are present and make recommendations for improving the current system’s efficiency. Energy improvements are not the only way costs are reduced. Regular maintenance ensures that all parts are in perfect working condition. Dust and particles are removed from each component. Servicing companies check ductwork and registers for blockages and dirt buildup. Every component of a yearly service call makes the unit more affective and less expensive. You can save money by ensuring these checks are performed every year before the unit is needed.

Individuals often neglect this maintenance necessity because it involves finding and hiring an experienced central heating system company. The upfront charges and hourly rates are not very appealing either. However, a dependable company will quote a fair price. This price is far more minimal than what they would be if the unit breaks down a month or so into use. You have the inconvenience of a cold home and high repair costs. Servicing makes certain the system will continue to operate at low cost for the entire winter. Problems are taken care of before the unit is needed. This along with home preparation can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your winter heating expenses.


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