How a Warranty Impacts Your Air Conditioning Replacement or Repair Options

Air conditioning replacement versus repair is a ‘hot topic’ every summer in Atlanta. We receive calls from customers who discover their AC problems during the summer months, so we look closely at their current system and walk them through their best options to get things up and running as quickly as possible.

Last week, we saved the Carter family a lot of time and money by simply checking their warranty.

Here’s how it happened, in the words of Mrs. Carter:

“We came home late from work to find our upstairs AC was out.  My husband was convinced we were going to be faced with buying a new system. We called Bardi and Christopher “Chris” H came out and found the problem, assuring us it could be repaired. It turns out there was a part that had corroded and needed replacement.

warranty-image_smChris asked for our paperwork (which I fortunately found), reviewed the warranty section and determined that the part we needed was actually under warranty for another 6 months.  We were thrilled!

He could have easily charged us for the parts and labor and we wouldn’t have known the difference. Instead, he stayed until he was able to remedy the problem – even leaving to get the part and returning that night!

He was extremely courteous, professional and efficient.  And he was great with our 4 year-old’s inquisition while he worked. Bardi has great customer service and their technicians are always top notch! Highly recommend!”

We encourage our customers, like the Carters, to explore all of their options before making a final decision.

Other AC Replacement Factors to Consider

– Age Versus Cost: You want to factor in the age of your system versus the cost of repair. Like an automobile, sometimes the repair costs are comparable to purchasing something new. Click here for our air conditioning replacement or repair chart to help you decide which makes sense for you.

– Parts, Labor and Components: There are different warranties available in these categories, so read the fine print. Like the Carter family, these details make all the difference.

– Overall Efficiency: If you have a system older than 10 years, you could be losing air. Most customers see a minimum of 3% cooling savings with a new energy efficient system.

– HVAC Installation: Further increase the benefits of a new system with expert installation.  Up to 90% of systems waste energy because of improper installation. Make sure you are getting what you pay for by having a certified, master technician to install or repair your air conditioning system.

About the Author:

Bardi Heating and Cooling, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Best Small Business by Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, has been a trusted heating and cooling company providing superior AC, Heating and Plumbing care in Atlanta for nearly 25 years. Bardi will ‘always, always, always do the right thing.’ Hear it right from our customers at


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