Home Heating and Air: How to Properly Care for Your System

Your comfort level in the home is very important. Heating and air make this comfort possible. It can also encompass up to fifty percent of home energy use. Home heating and air requires an owner to be wise when they make decisions regarding this particular home appliance. The wrong decisions during selection, installation, repair, and general use are capable of directly affecting monthly heating bills. They may also reduce the comfort provided by your system. There are multiple ways to decrease how much it costs to run these appliances each month. A few little changes along with a small money investment each year can make all the difference in both efficiency and equipment life.

HVAC Replacement: Maintenance Keeps Your Unit Operating Effectively

HVAC replacement should only have to occur every ten to fifteen years. Filter changes are the first step in preserving your current heating and cooling system. Minimum maintenance involves changing this small item every three months. It should be checked each month especially during times of heavy use. If it looks dirty, it is better to go ahead with the change. Dirty filters reduce air flow through the unit causing it to work more diligently to cool or heat your home. A large amount of energy can be wasted when filters are not maintained. Particles can also accumulate on system components leading to reduced system life as well as expensive repairs.

Have a Bardi technician perform yearly maintenance on your unit. Atlanta summers supply high humidity along with unbearable temperatures. These outside conditions also cause your AC unit to work harder. Both heating and cooling systems need to have the proper upkeep to ensure correct operation. Maintenance prevents extensive repairs, reduced efficiency, and complete equipment failure. If performed every year, your unit will remain in operation longer. Service calls typically entail checking electrical connections, lubricating parts, checking the drain, cleaning, and testing all controls. Cooling units may require a little more upkeep. One of our technicians can check the refrigerant level, adjust blower components, and clean the system coils for improved cooling. Heating units powered by gas must have the connection checked to ensure there are no leaks. Our professionals can ensure all manufacturer maintenance requirements are met.

Installing a newer thermostat can also make a large difference. If you do not currently have a programmable thermostat, it may be time to change to a more reliable temperature control mechanism. Ductwork is a very common place to lose cooled air. During the time of year where these systems are not necessary, take the time to inspect all ductwork. Seal any noticeable gaps especially those which run across an attic or crawlspace area. Sometimes these changes are not enough to supply proper energy use. HVAC replacement is an option. Newer systems which meet ENERGY STAR requirements are able to create a large dip in monthly bills. Home heating and air is an essential comfort item you cannot afford to neglect. Ensure all precautions are taken to receive the most efficiency. As your system ages, consider replacement as an alternative to costly repairs or to eliminate energy bill increases.


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