Heating Service Atlanta: When Do You Need a Professional Evaluation?

Lack of heating on a cold day is not only frustrating, but can be the sign of costly repairs. You can avoid this catastrophic event by having a professional service your system each fall, before it is needed. Atlanta winter temperatures vary between the mild to cold side, but can get low enough that you will need a properly functioning heater. It is always best to perform a test run on the unit long before it must be used. Failure to start is not always the sign of a severe problem, and you should check the basics before making a repair call. Yearly maintenance from an expert heating service in Atlanta can prevent the onset of expensive repairs or complete unit failure. If your unit is not operational, begin by checking the thermostat to ensure it is on the proper setting to avoid making an unnecessary service call. The service switch may not be in the “on” position or a breaker could have been tripped. If there is no problem in any of these areas, it is time to call a professional for a full evaluation.

Atlanta Heating: What Happens During a System Inspection?

Atlanta heating professionals are necessary whether your system is functional or non-functional. HVAC units have a typical operational life of ten years, with their efficiency being lowered as every year passes. A well cared for unit can operate optimally over a longer time period; however, neglected units require more repairs and use additional energy. One service call a year can extend the life of your system as well as help in maintaining reasonable energy costs. Monthly filter replacement is recommended by professionals when a heating or air system is run continuously. Failure to perform this one simple task can lead to a clogged furnace, air quality reduction, and expensive part problems. Cleaning is another way to extend the life of your system and may be completed by an expert in the course of a regular service call.

Service calls for Atlanta heating include more than simple filter checks and cleaning. A technician begins the process by turning on the system to see how it is currently operating. The technician then performs a visual inspection where vents, ductwork, wiring, insulation, the thermostat, and all major parts are reviewed. Every component must be cleaned and mechanical parts are lubricated to prevent unnecessary wear. They may recommend ductwork cleaning depending on the amount of particle buildup found in the air filtration portion of the system. Loose or damaged wires need to be replaced by a professional to prevent dangerous malfunctions. Worn parts are noted on a report given to you at the end of the inspection.

If your system failed to start due to part damage, the problem will also be on the final report. A Bardi technician will go over any recommended repairs in regard to both costs and the reason for recommendation. If you have professional servicing completed by a dependable heating service in Atlanta each year, the likelihood of a large repair will be greatly minimized.


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