Heating and Air Conditioning Measures for the New Year

Having your heating and air conditioning (AC) system ready for spring is a New Year’s resolution that you should make and keep. By now, most homeowners have their heating system ready for winter. What they do not have is their air conditioning system ready for spring, which is just around the corner for Atlanta residents. With this in mind, we list some AC maintenance measures that homeowners should take sooner rather than later.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Measures to Take Before Spring

If your AC is in good condition, keeping it that way should not be difficult. Prior to performing the light maintenance measures below, be sure that the equipment is de-energized:

Clean the Condenser Coils. This requires removing the shell from your outside AC unit, which will expose the condenser coils. Over time, the coils could become caked with dead grass, leaf chips, and other debris that inhibits the unit’s ability to draw in air. Spraying away the debris with a hose should only take a few minutes.

Clean the Air Handler. After cleaning the condenser coils, move inside and clean the handler compartment, including the fan blades. Using a hand vacuum that has a hose attachment and a wet rag should allow you to clean the area.

Add Oil to Ports. Most condenser units and air handlers have ports where oil should be applied at a frequency indicated in the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual should tell you where the ports are, what type of oil to apply, and how frequently to apply it.

Change the Air Filter. Different blower systems have air filters in different locations. If you are not sure where your system’s filter is located, check the owner’s manual. In some residences, filters are located behind a return air grill instead of in handler units.

Clean the Drain Line. The blower unit features a drain line that removes condensation during the air conditioning process. If you notice that the line or the drain it feeds into contain debris or algae growth, clean it with half bleach and half water solution.

These are measures that homeowners can take on their own if they are familiar with how to service their home’s AC system. An AC system should also be inspected by an HVAC service prior to the summer season.

Need Help Servicing Your HVAC System?

Fully servicing an HVAC requires heating and cooling expertise that most homeowners do not possess. If you fall into this category, having your home’s heating and air conditioning system maintained by Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning is the best choice. For almost twenty years, Bardi has helped commercial and residential HVAC users stay ahead of the Atlanta weather, readying their AC systems for summer and their furnaces for winter.

Although winter is still here, the best time to have your AC ready for spring is before the warm weather starts coming. If you would like to be ready for the first hot day that arrives unannounced, or if you need Atlanta furnace repair to keep out the cold, call Bardi today.


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