Furnace Installation: Six Steps for Installing a Home Furnace

Installing a furnace is a multi step process that should be handled by an HVAC service. But homeowners should be aware of the installation process to prevent unscrupulous installers from taking shortcuts and overcharging. Below are the six typical steps for the residential furnace installation process:

Home Assessment

To determine the best furnace for your home, an HVAC company must assess your home’s installation, windows, doors, building envelope, and basement. After assessing these things, the company is ready to inspect the characteristics of your heating system.

Heating System Assessment

During the heating system assessment, the company inspects the size of your home’s heating equipment and the ductwork. Failure to assess these elements could result in installing a unit that is too large or too small, either of which could lead to time consuming rework.

Composing a Materials List

Once you decide on a furnace, the company should compose a list of materials that are necessary to complete implementation. Ask for a copy of this list so you can compare it to the itemized bill that you receive for the total project. This allows you to stay in financial control of the project.

Obtaining Permits

Before starting on the project, the company may need to receive permittance from your municipality to perform the work. If it fails to receive this permittance, the project could be halted if your municipality discovers that permits weren’t obtained. A reputable company will obtain the proper permits. It will never ask you to obtain them on your own.

Removing Old Equipment

After you approve the list of materials, the company will remove your old equipment after disconnecting its power supply. In most cases, existing ductwork is left in place, although it may receive slight alterations at the connection point to the furnace. At this point, the HVAC replacement process is ready to begin.

Installing New Equipment

With your old equipment out of the way, the company is ready to install your new equipment. This process typically involves seven steps:

  • Aligning the furnace to connect with the ductwork
  • Attaching the new furnace’s return and boot
  • Reattaching the old plenum
  • Reconnecting the gas line and checking it for leaks
  • Removing spent fuel gases from flue pipes
  • Reconnecting the thermostat
  • Reconnecting the high-voltage power supply

When the installation process is complete, the company will present you with a final bill. Prior to receiving the bill, request that it be itemized. This will allow you to compare the materials list to the materials purchased throughout the project.

Choosing the Best HVAC Service

Finding an HVAC company is easy, but finding one that offers superior timeliness, technician certification, and customer service can be challenging. At Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning, our NATE certified technicians specialize in single day installation and keep you informed on all aspects of the installation process, from start to finish. If your home needs a new furnace, don’t let a bad HVAC company leave you feeling cold. Call Bardi today.


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