Five Signs You Need a New Furnace

Every homeowner fears it, but eventually it happens: a furnace has problems that require it to be replaced, not repaired. New HVAC equipment can be expensive, but it does have an upside: in the long run, it can be less costly than repairing old equipment. With this in mind, below are five signs that your furnace may need replacement and not repair:  

Over 25 Years Old

By the time they turn 25 years old, most furnaces are near the end of their lifespan – a time when many homeowners think that just one more repair will make them whole again. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. More often than not, a furnace keeps breaking and the bills keep piling up.

Needs Frequent Repairs

If your furnace is old and needs frequent repairs, some HVAC companies will be happy to perform them. But a reputable company will probably suggest replacement. If a company recommends HVAC replacement, it may be trying to save you money.

Low Energy Efficiency

If inefficient HVAC equipment is making your energy bills unaffordable, investing in efficient equipment should be a priority. Low energy efficiency won’t force you to replace a furnace. But when other problems are present as well, replacement should be strongly considered.

Not Powerful Enough

This could happen for one of two reasons: an HVAC company makes a poor installation decision, or additional living space is added that the furnace can’t support. In either case, a furnace that isn’t powerful enough has two drawbacks: it doesn’t warm your home properly, and it experiences premature breakdown due to overwork.

Emits Carbon Monoxide

A damaged heat exchanger could cause a furnace to release carbon monoxide – a problem that, if the furnace is old, may lead an HVAC professional to suggest replacing it. Warning signs of carbon monoxide emission include: a pilot light that burns yellow instead of blue, soot marks around the furnace, moisture accumulation on windows or walls, and rust on flue pipes.

Choosing the Right HVAC Service

What makes a good HVAC service? To some people, a good service is one that suggests repairs instead of replacement until a furnace dies. But this could end up costing you more than it saves you. In many instances, a service profits more from continuously repairing a furnace than from replacing it. When a technician recommends replacement, homeowners should seriously consider it.

Also important is to choose a service that employs North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified technicians and has considerable experience and expertise in servicing homes like yours. If you have an old home or a modern one that has special HVAC considerations, choose a company that understands them.

At Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in a variety of properties, from traditional to modern. When they arrive for the job, our NATE certified technicians have the parts and equipment on hand to complete the project, often on the same day. To learn more about whether you need a new furnace, or to make a service appointment, call us today.


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