Comparing HVAC Contractors: How Different Can They Really Be?

Local commercial and industrial businesses face the same dilemma: choosing an Atlanta HVAC provider that will stand up to the occasional lows, and frequent record-breaking highs the city is known for. With temperatures regularly exceeding one hundred degrees, business owners depend heavily on heating and air contractors to design, plan, create, and maintain climate systems that will provide suitable conditions for their operations, products, and employees. A safe and comfortable workplace not only enhances productivity and overall profit, it prevents companies from exposing workers to hazards that can cause total financial devastation. Will you select a contractor that helps or harms your business? Suppose all providers are the same: each one offering a slightly different sales or discount pitch to win your business. If that is the case, how exactly does an Atlanta facility end up with climate control nightmares?

What Is A Technician Without Technical Training?

Companies that do not hire professional technicians are most likely cutting corners to reduce payroll expenses. Most unqualified technicians will not intentionally sabotage your business. However, a company hiring them often fails to see the “big picture” of maintaining high standards and a solid reputation. Focusing on how much money they can make right now, by paying poorly-trained employees less, is not only a recipe for their own disaster, it is a sure-fire way of bringing you down with them, by installing your system incorrectly. Imagine completing a selection process to protect your valuable assets, only to find out the technicians are not even certified or insured. The fact some providers do not conduct basic verifications of previous employment, driving records, criminal charges, and drug testing is enough to make any business owner feel insecure. Unfortunately, the advertising catchphrase “Incompetent Technicians for All of Your Unimportant Heating and Air Needs” has not caught on, leaving your business susceptible to unethical practices without even realizing it.

 Companies Installing Quality Systems…Most of the Time

Providers who cannot, or simply will not stand behind their services may have something to hide. Many businesses offer guarantees, warranties, and refund policies to fully emphasize the quality of service that can be expected from their engineers, designers, and technicians. A warranty is a promise to customers that mistakes will be corrected, and will not destroy their expectations of profit. Companies hiring untrained employees are already vulnerable to a much higher level of human error, which makes a guarantee for quality labor practically impossible for them to afford. Failing to hire HVAC contractors who uphold very specific customer polices will result in completely inappropriate maintenance fees as well. While annual maintenance is in fact required for all equipment to run smoothly, excessive repairs are a sign you may need to upgrade to a more efficient system, or seriously consider the credibility of your maintenance provider. Unwarranted repairs take extra fees right out of your budget, placing profits into the hands of technicians who have not been honest or informative about new affordable options.

 Contracting Solutions

Quality, professional Bardi HVAC contractors provide engineering design, contracting solutions, and mechanical systems specifically tailored to operational needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all ordeal. Your business, daily functions, and location are unique, and require extensive planning to build systems that will endure Atlanta heating and air conditions without breaking a sweat. Business owners sleep sound knowing all Bardi technicians are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) Certified, verified as law-abiding and drug-free citizens, and conduct themselves in a professional manor. Backed with a series of satisfaction guarantees covering installation, maintenance, and repair, every aspect of your experience will prevent HVAC nightmares from haunting your business.


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