Common Reasons for Atlanta Furnace Repair: When to Call a Technician

Atlanta heating and air companies receive dozens of phone calls from concerned homeowners each year, particularly when the temperature outside drops low enough for residents to switch on their furnaces for the first time. If you have not taken the preventative steps toward heating system maintenance, you may find yourself in a bind if your equipment begins to make funny noises, produce less heat than it did last winter, or even worse, none at all. Reputable Atlanta furnace repair companies are prepared to tackle any of your HVAC challenges, and give you the valuable information you need to avoid an expensive system replacement. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners place calls to local HVAC companies, what you can do to check the status on your own, and possible explanations to give your trusted Atlanta furnace repair company a call.

“I feel a little bit of heat coming out, but not enough.”

If your system fails to deliver the amount of heat your family needs as temperatures begin to drop, try checking your thermostat just to make sure you have set it correctly. As simple as it may sound, homeowners often adjust the temperature without switching the system from cool to heat. Examine your vents to see if they are open, and that there is nothing in your home that is restricting the airflow. If you are still faced with the same dilemma after checking on your own, give your trusted HVAC expert a call. The most common reason for insufficient heat is a faulty blower, which is a simple and inexpensive fix provided by NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified technicians.

“I can hear my furnace running differently than it did before.”

Whether systems are switching on and off more frequently than in the past, or a blower continues to run non stop, homeowners immediately notice the difference in how their equipment sounds. Although strange noises are often overlooked when furnaces continue to heat rooms normally, they still represent a problem that could easily become worse if you do not address it right away. Faulty thermostats are historically guilty of causing furnaces to cycle on and off excessively, and a continuously running blower is often due to poorly adjusted limit switches. In each circumstance, Atlanta heating and air specialists will quickly correct the problem, preventing your utility bill from skyrocketing.

Keep Bardi on Speed Dial This Winter

Choosing certified technicians for all of your home ownership maintenance or emergency needs is easier than ever when Bardi is your go-to Atlanta heating and air company. Regardless of your HVAC debacle, each technician is NATE certified, professional, and fully qualified to turn your faulty system into a high performance heating machine. Offering the highest level of maintenance planning, repairing solutions, and replacement options, Bardi continues to service customers unlike any other provider in Georgia. The most comprehensive guarantees in the industry have made it clear: homeowners in the metropolitan area know exactly who to rely on for affordable repairs that, in turn, prevent costly replacements.


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