Commercial HVAC Services Help Keep Your Unit in Prime Condition

Your commercial system becomes inefficient after approximately ten to fifteen years of use. As significant time passes, it becomes more reasonable to replace an HVAC unit than to continue paying for repairs. Maintenance, repairs, and installations are all services offered by a professional company. Each of these commercial HVAC services plays a vital role in how your system performs on a daily basis. If your current unit has not been maintained properly, it will consume more energy to keep a consistent temperature. This additional operation wears down parts at a faster rate and increases the risk of failure.

Your system should be cleaned and inspected by a professional before heating or cooling operations take place. Systems under five years of age are typically worth repairing; however, a ten-year-old unit requiring over a thousand dollars to repair should be replaced. A professional technician can help in making this decision by evaluating your currently installed air conditioner. They can determine if replacement is the better option after completing a thorough inspection.

AC Replacement: Using Professional Advice to Make a Well-Informed Decision

AC replacement may entail a higher upfront cost, but also supplies long lasting rewards. Government efficiency standards regarding new systems have been greatly enhanced. A new unit can drastically reduce your monthly energy costs as well as associated repair expenses. New units come with a warranty that can be relied on if an early system breakage occurs. Installation provides additional benefits including reduced drafts, noise, vibration, improved temperature consistency, and better air quality. Specific components can be upgraded to create a unit designed to provide maximum comfort and proficiency.

If your utility bills seem to be continually increasing or repairs are becoming more common, it might be time to at least consider AC replacement for improved performance. Commercial air units have a maximum life expectancy of twenty years; however, multiple factors can decrease their reliability and increase cost of operation.

An inspection of the currently installed system is the best way to determine what needs to be done to increase efficiency. Begin by gathering all documentation related to the commercial system such as installation, maintenance, and repair records. Discuss your current cooling arrangement with a dependable company to obtain essential decision making information.

Your unit will need to be inspected to determine current condition, overall quality, and the amount of maintenance that has been provided. Cabinetry should be intact to prevent air leakage. Dirty filters reduce unit efficiency and allow dirt to enter the system during air circulation. Neglected filter maintenance causes dirt accumulation that leads to bent or damaged coils. Restricted air circulation from damaged coils results in higher operational costs.

Yearly servicing along with regular filter changes can prevent these conditions from occurring in the future. Scheduling an appointment with a commercial HVAC services provider is the best way to determine the condition of your current air conditioning setup. Bardi technicians are available twenty-four hours a day to take care of your cooling and heating needs. Call us today to determine if a new system installation is necessary or to have your unit serviced for optimal efficiency.


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