Commercial HVAC: Is Your System on the Verge of a Major Breakdown?

Your commercial system is far more advanced than a typical home cooling or heating unit. HVAC services are necessary to make certain you are receiving cost efficient operation throughout your building. A business has two approaches when considering HVAC maintenance—waiting for something to break or using scheduled practices to prevent extensive repairs. The first is often referred to as deferred care, meaning you continue to let the system run until something causes it to fail or become inefficient. This approach leads to an increased consumption of energy, a higher frequency of service visits, and expensive individual repairs. A single problem could cascade into numerous issues with other components, causing your repair needs to transform into a costly problem. The premature aging of parts leads to components being replaced long before it should be needed. You can avoid these issues by creating a routine preventative maintenance schedule with a professional commercial HVAC servicing company.


Atlanta Heating and Air: Preventative Maintenance is the Right Choice

An Atlanta heating and air professional can find problems long before they become unmanageable. Even a yearly servicing call where parts are inspected and cleaned can do wonders for system operation. Dirt accumulates on components when servicing is not performed at regular intervals. This particle buildup reduces airflow along with the warming capacity, causing a larger amount of energy to be required to receive the desired temperature range. Your HVAC unit has to run at an increased frequency to achieve the same results. Decreased efficiency leads to higher energy bills, faster part degradation, and a reduced system life. The compressor could become damaged or the heat exchanger could overheat when not repaired right away. The cost of Atlanta heating and air professional servicing programs are minimal when compared to the type of issues caused by neglected care.

A visual inspection along with cleaning procedures helps in identifying arising problems. These issues can be quickly resolved, as opposed to letting them compile into costly multiple component problems. You also receive consistent airflow, improved warming capacity, cleaner air, and optimal energy consumption when the preventative maintenance approach is chosen. Professionals recommend a spring check for cooling along with a fall service call for winter heating. Several tasks will be performed on each portion of your unit, depending on what is being serviced.

Cooling servicing often involves the checking of refrigerant levels, inside cabinet cleaning, coil cleaning, fan motor inspection, and verification of appropriate control operations. Commonly serviced furnace components include the blower assembly, motor, fan belt, blower housing, evaporator coil, drain pan, safety controls, and the heat exchanger. A technician may listen for abnormal noises or monitor various components as the commercial HVAC unit is running. Bardi technicians are available twenty-four hours a day to meet the needs of your business. We can schedule routine maintenance during off-hours to ensure your system is cared for without affecting daily workflow. Our certified technicians will create a budget supportive maintenance schedule for increased efficiency and reliable year-round operation.


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