Commercial HVAC Contractors: How to Evaluate Available Service Providers

As your commercial air system begins to operate less efficiently, replacing it becomes an important decision. Finding a dependable Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor is the key to receiving a good installation experience. Commercial HVAC contractors are essential to the replacement of any commercial air unit, but knowing whom to turn to with such a big job is not always easy.

Research can be your best friend when you need to seek out a reputable service company. Use the Internet to search for references, reviews, and whatever else you can find regarding each company you are considering for hire. Information gained from these resources will help you weed out the less desirable contractors so you can begin a thorough evaluation of possible contracting service providers.

List the drawbacks of your current system, what you desire in a new system, and any questions you might need to ask each contractor. You will need to research the types of systems available to ensure you receive dependable operation after the completed installation.

AC Replacements: Qualities to Seek in a Contracting Service

Business AC replacements require a large amount of skill to make certain your money is not wasted. Contact each provider to receive a price estimate regarding the replacement of your current system. Discuss new system options, prices, offered services, and unit warranty information. Do they seem highly knowledgeable about your particular needs? A good contractor should be able to answer any questions you have in great detail and be able to point out how you will save or benefit from certain HVAC setups. Verify the company has insurance to prevent being at fault if a worker becomes injured during servicing.

Once you have learned information about pricing, services, and liability coverage, it is a good idea to ask about company experience. Are the contractors certified and thoroughly trained? How long has each company been in the HVAC business? If it is a fairly new company with minimal experience, choosing them for AC replacement may set you up for disappointment.

Select a provider who has the necessary experience for performing a reliable installation. Ask any other questions that may be specific to your business. Then request a written contract along with an outlined plan stating what they will be doing during the replacement process. The contract should include when they will begin the work, a completion date, total labor costs, and all equipment charges.

Bardi technicians receive training regarding the latest technological advances and are NATE certified. Our company has been serving the Atlanta area for over twenty years, specializing in both commercial and residential HVAC services. We promote a drug free work environment and perform a complete background check on each commercial HVAC contractor we hire. Our workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the system. We are state certified, insured, and provide optimized response call services. You can depend on us to be available any hour of the day. Call us today to begin planning your next HVAC installation or to make a servicing appointment.


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