Commercial HVAC Companies: What Cost Implications Can You Expect?

Cost is a big issue when you need a commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) provider to install a new system. You can expect two separate sets of expenses when dealing with servicing companies; the first being the purchase of a unit and the second cost will be the installation of the unit. An HVAC system is designed to maintain a set temperature and air flow throughout your home or business. If a good quality system is installed, it can last for ten to fifteen years, as long as the appropriate yearly maintenance is applied.

The overall cost of an installation is affected by factors such as the type of unit chosen, where you live, building size, and the amount of installation work needed. Central units are a common residential setup because they provide the most even air distribution and use the least amount of electricity or fuel needed for operation. Commercial HVAC companies typically have to evaluate your home or business to determine what setup is most feasible. Some buildings are not designed to house central units, meaning an alternative option has to be installed.

Factors Affecting the Expense of AC Replacement

If you are having AC replacement performed for your home, you can expect the total expense to range anywhere from three to ten thousand dollars. Large homes require a bigger unit and could require installation of additional ductwork, registers, or other ventilation components. Installation costs rise in correlation with unit sizing, thus making it important to match the system appropriately with your home.

The fuel source directly affects both installation and operation expenses. You should also consider efficiency ratings to ensure monthly utility bills will be affordable. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, for residential units can have a rating as high as twenty-six. A minimum rating of thirteen is recommended for an economical use of energy. Your older system may have a rating below thirteen, making it inefficient when compared to models available today.

Commercial AC replacement could be needed for your office building or warehouse. These systems naturally cost more to implement due to structural size and increased energy use. Manufacturing companies continue to make design changes for improved energy efficiency. If you are purchasing a system for commercial installation, plan on the total replacement cost being above fifteen thousand dollars. Many systems with lower SEER ratings are available for commercial use. You can perform your own research on available choices, but might be served better by involving a professional in this process.

Maintenance is important once you have replaced an inefficient or nonfunctional system. Reputable commercial HVAC companies offer multiple service plans for your residential or business unit. A professional should clean the system in the spring. Periodic cleaning maintains air quality, efficiency, and extends the life of the unit.

Bardi technicians are available to help with every aspect of HVAC installation and servicing. If your unit seems to be using too much energy or has been requiring many repairs, it might be time to consider a replacement system. We can provide a dependable installation based on your individual heating and cooling needs. Contact one of our professionals today to begin working toward improved HVAC performance.


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