Commercial Air Services: Leasing Makes Your Installation Less Troublesome

A commercial system does not have to be too expensive to install when you choose the right HVAC provider. Leasing is one of the many air services offered to businesses these days. This service is a good option for any business just getting started or in the process of relocation. Commercial air services, such as financing, allow you to reduce the stress behind purchasing a necessary business item and prevent you from being limited to a less efficient or suitable HVAC unit. It is important to know what these choices offer before struggling to determine how to fit the entire system cost into your budget. Leasing allows you to install the most advanced technology within any of your commercial buildings.

AC Replacements: What Rewards Does Your Business Obtain?

An AC replacement does not have to be this huge burden or expense your business must deal with all at once. At Bardi, we know how difficult it can be to make large purchases such as an HVAC system. Our technicians have the experience needed to optimize your installation for increased savings and performance. We service both small and large commercial systems, making it easy for you to get exactly what you need.

Leasing through a contracting service provider is far more advantageous than a bank loan. A bank typically wants anywhere between ten and forty percent of the loan at signing as a down payment. We allow you to make two upfront payments and spread the rest of the expense out to make the service more advantageous for your business. You also receive more flexibility when leasing HVAC equipment because every component needed may be financed together. Installation expenses, design, warranties, and even maintenance can all be pulled into one charge for easier money management. Banks are more likely to only lend funds for the equipment being installed, leaving you with the chore of figuring out how to cover all other system expenses.

You do not have to worry about the rate changing or fluctuation as you would with traditional lines of credit. Our rates are fixed, meaning they remain in effect for the entire duration of the lease. Leasing terms of up to eighty-four months also surpass the traditional forty-eight to sixty month lending offered by a financial institution.

Leased AC replacements provide increased purchasing power because they supply a secondary credit line. This great service option adds convenience to your business when replacement or a new installation is needed. Getting rid of inefficient or outdated technology could never be easier for your business. Another great advantage of this service is minimal collateral. The purchased equipment is the collateral, instead of your car, business, or another type of asset often necessary for loan approval.

Leasing can include your system, all building controls, computer technology, interim repair costs, installation expenses, servicing agreements, and much more. Let us reduce budgeting stress by helping you take care of your HVAC needs all at one time. This is just one of the many commercial air services we can offer your business to ease the significant investment costs of installing and maintaining a new system.


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