Six Tips for Hiring the Best Heating Service

Whether your furnace needs repair or replacement, hiring the best central heating systems service is key to receiving a furnace that works as expected and doesn’t need follow ups. If you’ve owned a home for years, you’ve probably heard your share of consumer tips for hiring the best heating service. In this article, we focus on six tips that are currently used to assess the quality of heating contractors.

Tip 1: Make Sure a Contractor Has Licensing and Insurance

A contractor that doesn’t have licensing won’t necessarily fail you. But, unless you’ve hired the contractor in the past, a license or lack thereof is all you have to go on. Find out the HVAC licensing requirements for your state, and then contact the necessary organizations online to determine whether a contractor is certified.

To determine whether a company is licensed, contact its supposed insurer. Companies without insurance typically refuse to pay for damage they do to your property during projects, meaning you’d have to pursue remuneration through civil court; a scenario that often results in judgments that still go unpaid.

Tip 2: Ask Even the “Best heating Service” for an Extensive List of References

All central heating contractors have a list of positive references. But have you ever wondered about the references a company doesn’t list? Often, such references give a truer account of what its like to do business with a contractor, citing minor disappointments and setbacks. After a company provides you with a set of references, ask it for six more. Balancing the second set against the first should give you a good idea who you’re dealing with in terms of customer satisfaction.

Tip 3: Check a Company’s Record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

If you’re a contractor, the BBB is either your friend or your enemy. If you don’t have unresolved customer complaints on your record, it’s your friend. But if you do, then potential customers know that you may not resolve their complaint should one be necessary. Contrary to popular belief, companies don’t refuse to resolve a complaint at the BBB because they know a customer is wrong. Rather, they always resolve complaints to maintain a good image. If a company has unresolved complaints on its record, consider that you might become one.

Tip Four: Only Hire a Contractor that Does In Home Evaluations

A heating company that doesn’t insist on performing in home evaluations before replacing a furnace will risk both your finances and your ability to heat your house. Although a company may be extremely familiar with certain types of systems, an examination of a home’s characteristics is still necessary to determine the best fit and model. Although a company could get lucky and call your situation exactly as it is, why depend on luck when it comes to something as important as your heating?


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