Atlanta HVAC Replacement: Determining when it is Time to Give Your AC System the Boot

Blazing summer temperatures and high humidity can be expected when you reside in Atlanta. Your HVAC system is essential for surviving the peak months of the season. If you are considering buying a replacement for your current cooling unit, a few factors must be weighed into the decision. First and foremost, installation of a new unit is much more rewarding if it can be planned. Repairs may be too expensive to bear, making a new unit a more cost efficient choice. Switching one unit out for another is a tough decision, as replacing a system is not easy.

If you seem to be spending more money on your bill each month and all other factors have remained constant, your air conditioner is not using energy efficiently. These factors prove a need for maintenance or total replacement. A newer system is always worth repairing; however, Atlanta HVAC replacement should be kept in mind if the unit is more than seven years old. Part failures, reduced efficiency, and other complications become common after many years of operation, and many contractors will suggest a replacement if even a few of these factors are present.

York Air Conditioning: Evaluating Your Present Cooling Source

How long has the York air conditioning unit been in operation? If your unit has been cooling for over ten years, replacement is necessary. Advancements are made each year to increase cooling energy efficiency. A new model can provide the same amount of cool air while using far less energy. Monthly utility savings often make up for the cost in three to five years. Repair expenses can be considered wasted money after ten years of system use. You, in essence paying, are a large amount of money to delay the inevitable. It may be a wiser decision to take the money you would spend on repairs and apply it to the cost of a new system.

What is the SEER rating on your current York air conditioning system? SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This standard rating allows for a quick comparison of available models, in addition to easy evaluation of your current model. The value can be found on the unit label. Any unit with a SEER below 13 is outdated and will provide less cooling efficiency. Your current system may have a rating way below the suggested rating. For example, a SEER of seven is an undesirable number considering the advanced models currently available on the market. A low SEER should sway your decision toward replacement.

Does your current air conditioner meet the sizing requirements of your home? A Bardi technician can use load calculations to verify size. If the unit in use does not meet capacity requirements, you are not receiving optimum cooling performance. Below capacity systems will not be able to cool your home, and oversized capacities work inefficiently by using more power than is necessary.

Too large of a system does not properly remove humidity from the home. Sizing misjudgments often cause long term complications, in addition to an uncomfortable residence and overbearing energy bills. Our professional contractors can assist in this process by inspecting the present system. After a thorough inspection of your cooling unit, we can help you decide if an Atlanta HVAC replacement should be considered.


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