Atlanta Furnace Finance: Tips for Financing a Furnace

Winter in Atlanta is mild compared to winter in other cities, especially those located in the north, but when the temperature dips into the 30s, the need for residential heating is clear. If your home needs a new furnace this winter, but you cannot afford to buy one, you do not have to sit in front of a space heater. Instead, you can finance a furnace through a heating and air conditioning service. As long as you choose a service that offers fair financing, paying for a new furnace can be painless.

Evaluating HVAC Services

Your finance agreement will determine how much you pay for your furnace, and the service you choose will affect the fairness of the finance agreement. Before you sign an Atlanta furnace finance contract, answer the following questions about each service that you evaluate:

Is the service licensed to perform HVAC work?

Before you inquire about financing, be sure that the service is qualified to perform HVAC work. In Georgia, HVAC companies must receive a Class I Air Contractors License from the State Construction Industry Licensing Board to perform residential HVAC work.

Does the service have a physical business address?

You probably have heard horror stories about HVAC companies that take homeowners’ money, and then do not complete the job. Because they often move from town to town, companies that operate in this manner typically lack a physical business address.
Does the service have references from customers who have financed a furnace?

Be sure to ask the service for references to customers who have recently financed a furnace. In addition to asking them if their equipment is performing as expected, you should ask the references if they are satisfied with the finance agreement.

Does the service use a reputable financial institution?

Just as you would not finance your home through a questionable financial institution, neither should you finance your furnace through one. If a company uses an institution that you are not familiar with, investigate its reputation before you sign the contract.

Before You Sign the Contract

Once you receive a financing offer from a reputable HVAC company, review the offer carefully before you sign it. Read its fine print to make sure that the interest rate will not rise in the middle of the contract. If the contract period opens with no interest, be sure that you now what the interest rate will be when it kicks in. You should also find out if the contract includes an early payoff fee. If you need help reviewing the contract, speak with a financial manager.

Bardi has the Financing You Need

The average furnace lasts twenty to twenty-five years—a period of time in which it needs maintenance and occasional repairs. Once its lifespan is complete, a major expense arises: implementing a new furnace. At Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning, we help homeowners mitigate the cost of HVAC replacement by offering attractive financing. If you need a new furnace this winter, do not get stuck in front of a space heater. Call the Atlanta furnace finance specialists at Bardi today.


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