Air Conditioning Service: Simple Cleaning is Highly Beneficial to Your System

An air conditioning system replaces area warmth and humidity with cooled air. Maintenance is an essential service your unit needs to continue running properly. Air conditioning service reduces the risk of possible repair costs. The Department of Energy has reported HVAC systems to be over half of your yearly home energy expenses. Monthly bills often increase when you fail to service the system each year. Preventative care keeps the amount of energy consumed by your cooling unit to a minimum, and is important for all types of cooling units, including central and window designs.

Dirt is a constant threat to proper air flow throughout the system. Neglected cleaning can clog vents, ductwork, and reduce the efficiency of individual components. These problems drastically reduce the performance of your home cooling system. A majority of maintenance tasks and repairs are better left in the hands of a Bardi professional; however, there are a few precautions you can perform on your own before operating the unit.

HVAC Replacements: What Can You Do to Prevent Component Failures?

Lack of maintenance is the most common reason for HVAC replacements. If you will be providing internal care, be certain to turn off the power supply. Filters must be inspected a minimum of every three months, though monthly inspection is recommended during peak usage times. Replace disposable filters to prevent dirt accumulation and clogging. Some systems also contain permanent filters that require yearly cleaning, a task a professional will take care of during preventative maintenance servicing. Humid or hot climates require more frequent inspections.
Dust can be removed from the internal blower compartment by opening the cover and using a vacuum. Technicians typically apply motor oil to moving parts for lubrication, and check the drainage tube for any clogs that could be preventing a steady flow.

The outside unit needs to be evaluated each year to prevent HVAC replacement. Power should be turned off before working with the condensing unit. Debris needs to be removed from around the outside cabinet. If any debris is residing on the fins, it will need to be taken care of right away. A service visit completes all system cleaning in one sweep, with the exception of disposable filters. They need to be checked more often to reduce particle buildup within the unit. Professionals remove the upper fan unit to complete inside cleaning, allowing leaves and other items to be removed from the condenser housing.

Inspect ductwork for air leaks so problem areas can be sealed. These cracks actually allow cool air to escape through your attic, basement, or crawlspace. They can quickly increase energy use and decrease cooling effectiveness, proving why connection fittings need to be tightly sealed. Find a comfortable thermostat setting to reduce the workload put on your unit. Changing the temperature back and forth creates a warmer area, consequently forcing the system to work harder as the temperature is being decreased to the desired comfort level.

Incorporating sound techniques to sustain the life of your unit is a good practice for any home. However, your most reliable source for efficiency is an experienced air conditioning service. You can maintain performance by having one of our technicians inspect and clean your system each year.


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