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Using our AC Tune-Up Checklist for Preventative Maintenance

Air conditioning service before it gets hotAir Conditioning service and maintenance are increasingly important as Atlanta weather is warming up. By the end of this month, Hotlanta temperatures will be in the 90’s and continue to rise through the summer. Are you ready?

Avoid having to call us for emergency air conditioner repair by taking care of your AC tune-up now, before your system needs to kick into high gear. Did you know that 30-40% of airflow is wasted in the warmer months, due to lack of proper maintenance on your ac system and ductwork?


Bardi’s Basic Top 10 Checklist for Air Conditioning Maintenance:

  1. Air Flow – Change air filter and check air flow for maximum performance
  2. Indoor Coil – Inspect for cleanliness and flush drain lines
  3. Refrigerant – Check level to make sure it is within specifications
  4. Condenser – Clean coil to restore maximum efficiency
  5. AC Blower Motor – Check amperage to identify motor problems
  6. Water Source Units – Check your water temperatures
  7. Indoor Air Quality – Check air exchange function and reduce leaks
  8. Thermostat – Replace batteries and re-program for proper maintenance
  9. Summertime Efficiency Report – We will assess the airflow in your home
  10. Get on a schedule – Protect the investment in your home’s heating and cooling system. We can put you on an AC maintenance program to save you money.

Don’t have the time, tools or knowledge for a do-it-yourself tune-up? No problem.
Click here for for complete details on our AC Tune-Up.


Air Conditioning Service Specials:

FREE air filter with every tune-up – Call us today to schedule yours!
$79.00 AC Tune-Up Special:

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