How to Avoid AC Problems This Summer

You don’t want to call for air conditioning repair in the height of summer.

In the south, we have our share of AC problems. If you live in the Atlanta area or surrounding counties, you own an air conditioner. You might forget about it all winter, but as soon as the temperature heats up, your AC becomes your best friend.

What would you do without AC? Hopefully, you never have to.

Avoid AC ProblemTo help you avoid AC problems that have you calling us in the height of the summer months for air conditioning repair, we thought we’d remind you of a few simple reasons to start a maintenance program now, before summer really kicks in.

  1. THE LIFE OF YOUR EQUIPMENT DEPENDS ON IT. Dirt and neglect are the #1 cause of heating and cooling system failure, according to the EPA. You regularly get a physical, have routine teeth cleaning, and change the oil in your car. Guess what? The mechanical equipment in your home also needs care and cleaning for optimal operating health and performance.

  2. YOU PAY MORE FOR EMERGENCY SERVICE AND REPAIR. Most people avoid committing to a maintenance program because of the perceived additional cost. The truth is, a maintenance program can save you money and time in many ways. When your equipment breaks or fails, those emergency calls and replacements are expensive. If we are regularly providing diagnostics on your system, we provide priority service and will cover air conditioning repair and maintenance as part of the program. You don’t have to worry about staying cool.

  3. YOUR SAFETY RELIES ON IT. Protect yourself, your home and your loved ones by performing routine maintenance on your AC. Loose or faulty connections can cause electrical shorts and unsafe conditions in your home. Our maintenance program includes tightening all connections and providing a complete inspection for the safety of your family.

One of the best investments a customer can make is to enroll in a planned air conditioning maintenance program for their home. A maintenance program will help you prepare for every season and avoid having to call us for emergency air conditioning repair or buying new equipment.

We have a maintenance program tailored for you.

Please contact us or click here to learn more about our planned air conditioning maintenance program.

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