Heating and Air in Atlanta: Preparing Your Home for Atlanta’s Seasons

Atlanta’s humid subtropical climate makes it hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Between June and September, the city experiences an average temperature of almost 90 degrees; from November to February, the temperature hovers around 42 degrees. For Atlanta homeowners, these temperatures mean, in addition to being prepared for summer, their heating and air conditioning system must also be prepared for winter—a quandary that residents of some Southern states need not worry about. If your home’s HVAC system has not received maintenance this year, now is the time to call Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning—the premier commercial and residential HVAC service in Atlanta.

Preparing Your HVAC System for Winter

Preparing an HVAC system for winter begins with performing basic system checks on the following components, among others:

• Pilot light
• Burner
• Gas line
• Air distribution fan
• Air filter
• Ductwork

In some cases, these checks reveal the need for repairs, such as sealing leaky ducts or replacing a frayed fan belt. When a furnace is cleaned and lubricated regularly, and is less than twenty years old, significant repairs are usually unnecessary. If an inspection shows that your furnace needs repair, the Atlanta furnace repair experts at Bardi will explain the problem fully, and work to offer you the lowest price.

Preparing Your HVAC System for Summer

Preparing an HVAC system for summer is similar to preparing it for winter. Checking the following system components is mandatory:

• Air distribution fan
• Air filter
• Ductwork
• Condensate lines
• Air conditioning coils
• Refrigerant reservoir

The heat and humidity of Atlanta summers can be brutal, but having your air conditioner checked annually by the heating and air in Atlanta experts at Bardi will help keep it prime operating condition.

Maintenance Scheduling and Cost

Residential HVAC inspections should be performed in the late summer for heating, and in the early spring for cooling. In Atlanta, the average cost to have a home HVAC system inspected and cleaned is affordable on most budgets, and the repair needs that HVAC inspections reveal are similarly affordable. More often than not, costly repairs occur when the system has a major problem that is first noticed by the homeowner.

Atlanta has numerous HVAC services, which can make choosing the right one tedious. Most importantly, homeowners should choose a service that is licensed to perform HVAC work in the state of Georgia, has an excellent record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and employs NATE (North American Technical Excellence) certified technicians. They should also perform a thorough price comparison. While most HVAC services will quote a reasonable price, some will not.

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