Winter Heating Tips that Will Slash your Heating Bill

There are numerous tips for reducing residential heating bills, many of which recommend dressing warmly indoors, insulating windows with plastic or other materials, and such meaningless measures as leaving a hot oven open to cool. If you’re a miser who doesn’t want to invest in your home’s equity or implement solutions that will slash your heating bills, then follow these tips and be happy saving a few dollars a month. But if a change in the way your home produces and retains heat is what you want, then follow the five tips below.

Five Winter Heating Tips that Will Slash Your Heating Bill

1. Install an Energy Efficient Furnace

The $2,000-$5,000 you’ll pay for purchasing and installing an energy efficient furnace will be well worth it. Today’s most efficient furnaces convert almost 90 percent of their energy into usable heat, while the furnaces of yesteryear rarely convert roughly 65 percent. If you want to tackle high heating costs, then start at the source and install an efficient furnace. It will also add value to your home.

2. Install an Energy Efficient Boiler

Your boiler receives year round use, and if it isn’t a newer, more efficient boiler, it converts roughly 65 percent of its energy into usable heat. As with today’s efficient furnaces, today’s efficient boilers can approach 90 percent energy to heat conversion ratios. Installing a new boiler will cost more than placing Saran Wrap over your windows, but it will also help to address the root of your problem and add value to your home.

3. Have Your Ductwork Resealed

Over time, the seals in your central heating ductwork can become leaky, letting warm air escape into ceilings and walls instead of being delivered to where you need it: your living spaces. Resealing your ductwork is an inexpensive fix that will keep you from setting your thermostat at a temperature above the one you wish to achieve in order to achieve it, and it won’t be as embarrassing as layering yourself in sweaters as if it were 1850.

4. Install Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

Yes, installing new doors and windows requires a significant investment. But if you decide to sell your house, your old doors and windows will case many buyers to walk on by. In today’s energy efficient culture, people know how expensive it is to have old doors and windows that let cold air in and warm air out. Unless your old doors and windows have antique or artistic value, break down and replace them already. You’ll do wonders for both your heating bill and the value of your home.

5. Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter Regularly

Changing your air filters in central heating systems before they become thick with dust, pollen, and other air born debris costs almost nothing, and it will prevent your system from working harder than necessary to push air past a clogged filter, which leads to unnecessary energy use and unnecessary wear on your system.


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