Introducing Our Latest Contest Winners

We hosted an Oldest Working Furnace Contest to discover the oldest furnace still in use in the Atlanta metro area. Our winners, the Youngs, had a 60-year-old oil furnace that was installed in 1953 when Mr. Young was a senior in high school! Our residential general manager, Gresham, had to do a bit of digging to determine the true age of the furnace because the Youngs only had the serial number.

The Youngs live in a Canton, GA in the home Mr. Young grew up in. When his family first arrived, there was no furnace for the house and no basement so he and his father dug out a space where the furnace could be installed. It was a coal-burning furnace so Mr. Young would shovel in coals and stoke the fire three times every day!

We visited the Youngs to interview them about their old furnace and install a new Lennox furnace in their home. Meet the couple and their family in this video:

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this past February, we hosted a love contest asking folks to send us their greatest love story. Our winner is David Cohen of Decatur. He and his wife have been married for 10 years and are pictured below with their beautiful family.

Mr. Cohen will receive a $150 gift card to use at any of the Fifth Group Restaurants in Atlanta: South City Kitchen, La Tavola, Ecco, El Taco, Alma Cocina or Lure.

A warm thanks to all of our entrants and contestants for both the Oldest Furnace Contest and our Love Story Contest. Join #BardiMadness, our newest March Madness contest on social media — pick the winning technician and you’ll receive a $150 gift card and a free germicidal UV light! Contest ends at the conclusion of March Madness on April 7, 2014.

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