Heating and Air Companies: Frequently Asked Questions

Every homeowner needs the services of a heating and air conditioning company, but the quality of the services he or she receives can vary widely. Although most HVAC companies possess the expertise and professionalism that you would expect, other companies possess the opposite of these qualities. As many homeowners know by experience, identifying these companies before you hire them can be difficult; however, when you have the right information, it is not impossible. If you need to hire an Atlanta furnace repair company, but you are not sure which company to hire, the answers below will help you find one that offers the expertise and professionalism you need:

Must an HVAC company have a license to perform work in Georgia?

Yes. In Georgia, an HVAC company must have a Class I Air Contractors License or a Class II Air Contractors License from the State Construction Industry Licensing Board. The Class I license allows contractors to work on systems that contain a maximum of 175,000 BTU for heating and a maximum of 60,000 BTU for cooling. The Class II license allows them to work on systems of any capacity.

How much should an HVAC company be insured for?

In Georgia, the standard amount of insurance coverage for heating and air companies is roughly $2 million per project. This coverage is for property damage and/or personal injury.

In Georgia, heating and air companies do not need insurance to receive a license.

What type of bonding should an HVAC company carry?

A residential HVAC company should at least carry a surety bond. In particular, it should carry a performance bond, which protects the property owner from financial loss that results from the contractor’s failure to render services according to the contract. Some services also carry a fidelity bond, which protects property owners from loss of property (e.g. theft).

In Georgia, heating and air companies do not need bonding to receive a license.

How much experience should an HVAC company have?

A company need not have a set amount of experience to perform good work, but a company with years of experience to its credit is always preferred. Perhaps the best way to assess a company’s experience is to speak with several of its former customers. If they are satisfied with its work, chances are that you will be satisfied too.

What are the signs of an unscrupulous HVAC company?

There could be several signs that a company is unscrupulous, some of the most common of which are:

• Soliciting work through cold calling
• Soliciting work by going door to door
• The absence of a physical business address
• Asking for payment before work has been performed

If a company displays one or more of these signs, choosing a different company is the safest move.

How Does Bardi compare to other HVAC Companies?

Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning differs from many HVAC companies in three ways: we use a family owned business approach to deliver personalized service; we have over twenty years of experience in residential and commercial HVAC service; and we only hire qualified, professional technicians to serve our customers.

There are numerous heating and air companies to choose from. For HVAC service in the greater Atlanta region, Bardi is the premier choice. Call us today to find out about our special coupon for residential furnace maintenance.


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