Get a Furnace Tune Up and Prepare Your Home for Winter!

Getting your furnace tuned up should be an annual part of your routine for prepping your home for the winter. Doing it at the beginning of the cooler season will save you headaches later on because our technicians will perform various tasks to make sure your system is running at top efficiency, and while they are working on it, they will be able to spot any potential problems with the system that could turn into huge inconveniences later on if left untended.

When one of our experienced technicians tunes up your furnace, he will inspect the components, including the blower components, thermostat, heat exchangers, safety controls, belts, and burners, to ensure that they are all in good condition and working properly. When these components are dirty, the system gets clogged, preventing it from working as well as it could. Dust, dirt, and insects can be the biggest enemy of a heating system.

The Bardi technician will also replace air filters if needed, lubricate the parts so that the system runs smoothly, check the gas pressure to ensure that your system uses energy efficiently, and inspect the flues and gas lines. Inspecting these parts is especially important, because a clogged flue or a leaky gas line could expose your family to toxic fumes, which can be very dangerous.

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