Gas Furnaces Repair Often Amounts to an Easy, Inexpensive Fix

If you live in a part of the U.S. that experiences cold winters, chances are that your home is equipped with a gas furnace. Unlike radiator heat and heat pumps, gas furnaces deliver hot air in a timely fashion and are never rendered useless by low external temperatures; and unlike oil furnaces, they burn cleanly and don’t suffer as many maintenance and repair issues due to accumulated grime. Nevertheless, there are some issues that gas furnaces commonly encounter that can lead to big problems when they occur in the coldest months of winter. For example, homeowners occasionally wake up to find that their furnace isn’t producing heat or is producing insufficient heat.

When your gas furnace stops producing heat, it’s more than likely encountering one of the following problems: a non-working pilot light, a closed control valve or a faulty thermostat, each of which can be remedied the same day of the problem when you call a gas furnaces repair technician. Similarly, if your furnace is producing insufficient heat, any of the following possible causes can be addressed on the same day of its occurrence: a blocked blower, a loose blower belt, a dirty filter or a dirty burner. While some homeowners attempt to remedy these problems on their own; if you don’t have experience servicing gas furnaces, it’s best to let an HVAC company do the job.

When a furnace doesn’t produce heat or produces insufficient heat, some homeowners fear a big repair bill and try to remedy the problem by operating numerous space heaters, which can significantly raise electric bills. So, before you conclude that your furnace needs to be replaced and purchase space heaters, save yourself some money by contacting a reputable HVAC company to perform a free inspection of your furnace.


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