5 Energy-Efficient Ways to Stay Warm in the Winter

Old Man Winter is just around the corner, and many are predicting he could be in a bad mood when he arrives. Whether it’s gas or electric, it doesn’t take blizzard conditions for you to see an increase in your energy costs. But frankly, there’s no reason why we must accept this as unavoidable. Having served the greater Atlanta area for nearly 30 years, Bardi has learned a few cost saving, energy efficient ways to stay warm in winter. Today, we’re going to share some of our favorites with you.

1. It’s all about layers.

Dress warmer. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? The fact is, many people forget this step when they’re inside the home. The US Department of Energy suggests keeping the thermostat at 68 during winter—lowering it further when you leave the house or are sleeping. If this seems chilly, an energy efficient way to stay warm and toasty, is to wear layers while inside the home. A soft scarf, fuzzy pair of socks, and a few warm blankets can make a huge difference to your comfort level.

2. Let there be sunlight.

Opening your blinds and curtains and allowing sunlight into your home is perhaps the most energy efficient way to heat your home in winter. When sunlight (radiant energy) passes through the window and is absorbed within the home, it becomes infrared heat. Because infrared heat has longer wavelengths, it becomes trapped inside the home, warming it. Just be sure to close the curtains and blinds when the sun goes down or on particularly cloudy days.

3. Clockwise ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans help keep us cool in summer, but those same fans can also warm us in winter. As warm air is generated by your heating system, it naturally rises toward the ceiling while the cooler air falls to the floor. By reversing the direction of your ceiling fans, cooler air near the floor is drawn up to the ceiling, forcing the warmer air down and thus warming you in the process.

4. The Cozy Kitchen.

Is there anything more satisfying on a cold wintery day than a steaming bowl of soup, fresh bread from the oven, and a marshmallow-laden cup of hot chocolate? What’s more, cooking in the kitchen is also an excellent way to stay warm in winter! Food always makes us feel good—but hot food on cold days is simply heaven.

5. Prevent drafts and air leaks.

To be energy efficient and save money in winter, it’s important to keep cold air out and warm air inside the home. Applying new weather stripping to doors and windows—especially in older homes where the gaps in construction have grown over time due to settling—will reduce the amount of heat lost. Door snakes, foam tape, and window film will also greatly aid in keeping all that heat inside the home.

While these the DIY tips should help lower your energy costs and keep you warm, they’re no substitute for a professional in-home inspection. If you want to make sure your home is ready for the arrival of Old Man Winter, call Bardi at (770) 263-9300, email us at, or chat with a representative in the chat box to schedule service today!


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