5 Most Common Furnace Problems

As colder weather begins to sweep across the country, it is important to consider scheduling an inspection to prevent furnace problems. Just like your car needs regular maintenance and tune-ups to run at optimal efficiency, your furnace needs special attention, too — preferably before the cold weather creeps in!

Regular furnace maintenance has plenty of benefits: improving efficiency, reducing your monthly heating bills, extending your unit’s lifespan and ensuring that your holiday parties and cold winter nights remain warm and cozy.

5 Problems To Prevent Furnace Problems by Scheduling an Inspection:

  1. Dirty filters – A dirty filter can make air circulation in your home more difficult. Helpful hint: replacing filters once a month improves air quality, resulting in fewer allergies and respiratory distress. Bardi technicians always bring extra filters on service calls, so they’re ready to replace dirty air filters for you.
  2. Furnace not producing enough heat – If your furnace is not heating properly, it could be due to a faulty thermostat.
  3. Making unusual noises – Like your car, if your furnace begins making a weird or unusual noise, then it is most likely not running efficiently and time to consider maintenance.
  4. Energy costs increasing – Lack of maintenance on your furnace can cause your furnace to run inefficiently and can lead to energy bills increasing. Helpful hint: during the winter months, keep your thermostat on 68 degrees for lower energy bills.
  5. Normal wear & tear – Normal wear and tear can create air flow problems and even cause your furnace to overheat.


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