Outdoor Living Spaces

There is a growing trend sweeping the country as more and more Americans are extending the living spaces of their home outside, to include the great outdoors. These enhanced, outdoor-living spaces add an entirely new dimension of comfort, beauty and livability to homes. And with our warm summer nights and temperate winters, there is no better place than Atlanta for outdoor living!

Interested in adding a robust outdoor kitchen to your home? A fire pit or gas logs to take the chill off when the temperatures drop? Or outdoor gas lighting, to tastefully illuminate your outdoor-living space? There are many options available to you. And Bardi can help you choose and install the outdoor appliances that best suit your lifestyle and add the most comfort and style to your home.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor cooking is not only about the grill. Today, you have the opportunity to have fully functional outdoor kitchens, complete with refrigeration and all the cooking comforts that you enjoy indoors.

Gas Logs

You love the convenience and warmth of your indoor gas log fireplace – did you know you can also have one outdoors? We have a variety of classic models and features that provide the realistic look of a wood-burning fireplace, with the ease of clean-burning gas.

Fire Pits

If you’d like to recreate the feel of sitting around a campfire, gas fire pits are a beautiful and functional alternative that can be turned on and off with a flick off a switch. Fire pits add warmth and enhance the beauty of your outdoor-living space.

Outdoor Gas Lights

Nothing creates warmth (of a different variety!) and ambience in your outdoor living area quite like high-quality, outdoor gas lights. Tasteful outdoor lighting makes your living space more beautiful, enhances safety and also increases the value of your home.


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