HVAC Energy Star: Digital Thermostats Reduce Monthly Operation Costs

Your HVAC system energy expenses can be over one thousand dollars per year. Energy Star qualifying units and components cut down the amount of money you spend to operate your HVAC equipment. A programmable thermostat is one of the many HVAC Energy Star recommendations. Installing this single component can reduce energy costs by a couple of hundred dollars per year. Proper maintenance and implementing better rated systems are also Energy Star suggestions for reducing costs.

All unit components have to be functioning at their best to provide maximum cooling efficiency to your home. Yearly servicing takes care of most maintenance requirements. You must also keep filters changed and the area around these systems clean. If your system has aged significantly, replacement will become the best option for saving energy. Consider purchasing a model with a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.

HVAC Replacement: Why Install a Modernized Temperature Control?

HVAC replacement can total three thousand dollars, at a minimum. Unless your system is over seven years old, it is best to do everything you can to maintain it. A programmable thermostat is one of many options you have for cutting costs. These thermostats provide pre-programmed settings that assist in regulating the temperature of your home. They can even be programmed for times when you will be away from your house. Pre-programmed settings are designed to provide required comfort without draining your wallet. You may use the pre-programmed settings or make additional adjustments to better meet cooling needs.

Thermostats are a common HVAC replacement component. If your system stops working or seems to be having trouble kicking on, they are one of the first components you should check for operation. This particular item is also the most affordable to replace. Digital thermostats can run as low as thirty dollars and take only minutes to install. Temperature regulation is its main HVAC purpose. It kicks your system on and off when there is a fluctuation away from the current setting. Batteries are required to operate the thermostat.

Extensive models may show the setting, current temperature, time, and day. They can even work with automated home systems found in many residences today. The average energy savings with a modern thermostat is approximately thirty percent, when pre-settings are used. Changes to these settings may increase or decrease the savings.

A Bardi technician can install this recommended HVAC Energy Star component in your home quite easily during a yearly service call. It should reside on an interior wall at a sufficient distance from vents, lighting, windows, and doors. These components come with a set of installation instructions. If they are too confusing, one of our experts can perform the installation.

Electricity needs to be shut down because wiring must be connected. The thermostat will have between two to ten wires, and your system will determine how many will be connected. Our professionals are available for assistance and seriously recommended if you are required to install multiple thermostats. If you are unsure of what is needed, or simply do not feel comfortable handling this process, our technicians are available to help. A service call may also allow us to provide additional energy reduction recommendations.

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