How to Keep Your Pets Warm in the Winter

As winter rolls in and you start to think of ways to stay warm, please think of how to keep your pets warm, too. The chances are good that if you’re cold, so are your pets. The fact is, that even pets that have been bred for wintry conditions are not meant to stay in them for long periods of time. Since 1989, Bardi has been taking care of the heating and cooling needs for the greater Atlanta area, and today we’re going to share a few tips to take care of your pet’s. These tips will show your pets that they’re your best friend as well.

  • Dress your pets warmly.

Many people don’t dress their pet in warm clothes for fear of appearing odd among their peers, but there’s nothing odd about making sure your pet is warm and comfortable. In fact, it’s kind of trendy. Smaller and older pets have more difficulty tolerating cold weather, so if you notice your pet is shivering or reluctant to go outside when it’s cold, try a sweater or jacket for additional warmth. If your pet has resisted such clothing in the past, be patient and try again. It takes time for some pets time to warm up to the idea.

  • Walking pets when cold.

If your pet is properly bundled up this winter, feel free to grab the leash and head out the door. However, it’s important to remember that sidewalk deicers like salt, magnesium, and calcium chloride can irritate the skin and be harmful if ingested. Each time you take your four-legged friend for a walk, wipe his paws off with a moist towel to remove any toxic chemicals that might’ve been picked up along the way.

  • A warm bed for pets.

If your pet will be spending much time outside this winter, it’s important to prepare a proper place to sleep and rest. Position the bed so that your pet will be off the ground. Keeping your pet elevated off the ground will eliminate the cold radiating from the earth and make staying warm easier. Also, the bed or house should only be large enough to stand up, turn around, and lie down. If the bed is any larger, body heat is lost.


  • Pet Nutrition for winter.

If your pet will be living or spending a lot of time outside this winter, it’s important to remember that he’ll need to eat accordingly. For example, outside dogs require 30 percent more calories during winter to keep warm. You will also need to make sure your pet has plenty of fresh, unfrozen water, as pets cannot eat snow or ice as a source of hydration.


Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your pets warm. If you’re wondering about ways you can stay as warm and comfortable as your pet, call the heating and cooling experts at Bardi at (770) 263-9300, email us at, or chat with a representative in the chat box to schedule service today!


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