Building Your Brand – What Are You Passionate About?

Published by Mike Watkins on Monday April 29th, 2013
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I’m passionate about my wife. I’m passionate about my sons. I’m passionate about the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m passionate about God. And I’m passionate about helping my customers with their business challenges. More specifically, I’m passionate about helping customers who are willing to let me help them. As a result, I am most successful when I am working with those business owners/managers who are open and willing to accept my help. In fact, I am sometimes so passionate about my desire to help, that I may be a turn off for those clients who don’t really want any help. I am driven by my passions. Because I am afforded the opportunity to be driven by my passions, I’m able to be successful at what I do. I don’t feel stymied and I feel as though many customers with whom I work appreciate someone who is not afraid to be open with their passions. I also feel as though being driven by my passions at times directs me to opportunities or individuals that fit my Ideal Customer Profile.

What are you really passionate about? Does your business have a passion? Stopping down to reflect on your passions and how those passions impact your business approach as well as considering what passion drives the activity of your company is critical. The passionate pursuit of your core values, the passionate pursuit of your company’s mission, and the passionate pursuit of that which makes your customers feel valued will enhance and even exceed the power and impact of your marketing plan. Employees perform better when everyone is on board with pursuing the corporate vision, the passion of the business. Customers reward those companies who exhibit a well-placed passion. Witness the success of Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A is passionate about its faith based business operation. That passion is one of the key factors that has helped the company to have its most successful years in the midst of a recession and slow recovery. Great marketing campaign? You bet. Enhanced by their passionate pursuit of their mission? No question. Witness the windfall of business and publicity that occurred during the political campaign when the company’s President shared his feelings on marriage. His statements and the resulting fallout generated a grass roots effort that turned into a consumer created sales promotion. Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was a direct result of a business that was not afraid to live by its passion.

Now it’s your turn… What are you passionate about?

About the Author:

Mike Watkins is a 35 year veteran of the broadcast industry with diverse experience as a Program Director, Assistant PD, and Sales Marketing Executive. After graduating from Ithaca College, Mike launched a career that includes stints at legendary stations KDKA Pittsburgh, WGCI Chicago, and WSB Atlanta, where he currently serves as a Marketing Consultant for Cox Media Group. Mike’s passion in business is helping decision-makers take a strategic approach to their marketing and better understanding consumer behavior. Mike is a skilled facilitator of Brainstorming and Marketing Strategy sessions. When not strategizing, Mike’s passions include his wife and 2 sons, the marriage ministry at his church, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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