AC repair in Norcross, GA
August 3

AC Leaking Water? Here Are the Possible Reasons and How They Can Be Fixed

It is completely normal to see a bit of water pooling up underneath or around the AC unit outside your house when it’s running. This… View Article Read More

AC Repair in Norcross, GA
July 1

Major Signs Your AC Needs Repair

Homeowners rely on their air conditioners to provide them with comfort during the hot summer months. Scheduling annual tune-ups for your system helps it to… View Article Read More

Hygrometer Measuring Indoor Air Humidity in Norcross, GA
June 1

Will Air Conditioning Help to Lower Indoor Humidity?

One of the biggest misconceptions about air conditioning is that it directly produces cold air. The truth is that air conditioning works by removing heat… View Article Read More

AC Installation in Norcross, GA
April 10

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Replace an AC System?

When it comes time to have your air conditioner replaced, one of the first questions you’ll surely have is how much the replacement will cost…. View Article Read More

AC Unit in Norcross, GA
March 5

Are Air Conditioning Units Bad for the Environment?

Air conditioning is a modern marvel that lets you keep your home at a consistently cool temperature when it’s hot outside. More than that, your… View Article Read More