Ductless Mini-Split in Norcross, GA
April 2

How Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Work

Ductless air conditioning systems, often called mini-splits, were originally innovated in Japan. Air conditioning was becoming increasingly prevalent in homes in post-World War II America,… View Article Read More

Thermostatic Expansion Valve in Norcross, GA
October 20

Thermostatic Expansion Valve Explained

Ever wonder what a thermostatic expansion valve is? It’s a component of your home heating and cooling system that controls the temperature. If you have… View Article Read More

AC Inefficiency in Norcross, GA
August 20

10 Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Cooling the House

The sweltering summer heat can be unbearable, and most homeowners rely on air conditioners to maintain comfortable indoor conditions. If you don’t prepare your unit… View Article Read More

AC Efficiency in Norcross, GA
August 16

6 Ways to Tell If Your AC Is Operating Efficiently

An efficient air conditioner is a real asset in Gwinnet County‚Äôs hot and muggy summer weather. If your AC is working correctly, you should be… View Article Read More

End of Summer Maintenance in Norcross, GA
August 9

End of Summer Maintenance

Hopefully, you are making the most of this summer season, as it’s likely to be over before you realize it. Now, it’s just a couple… View Article Read More