York Air Conditioning Unit: Should You Repair or Replace?

As your cooling system begins to age, you may find it costs more money to keep it running appropriately. How do you know when your York system needs to be replaced? The first sign might be a completely dysfunctional air conditioning system or the blowing of hot instead of cold air. Other signs of possible unit replacement may be more subtle. When your York air conditioning unit is not working properly, it is a natural instinct to immediately call a local repair company. This choice is not always the most inexpensive option. Atlanta summer heat can make this decision highly difficult as your comfort is being compromised. However, it is important to determine if having the unit fixed outweighs the benefits of replacement.

Aspects Which Commonly Lead to HVAC Replacements

One of the first things to consider when deciding between an extensive repair or an HVAC replacement is how many years the cooling system has been in use. Expected life range of a system is twelve to eighteen years. They may run longer depending upon the location, proper maintenance, and frequency of use. It is commonly recommended to consider replacement after seven years of operation. Repairs are not as feasible at this point in time. Unless it is a very small fix, it is worth your time to consider the alternative. Any period of use below seven years is worth the cost of the repair. This is because the unit can still service your home for many years.

Are you content with the current energy use and expense of operation? There is no reason to replace a well running newer system. Weigh the two options based on previous costs and the current repair quote. If the cost seems unworthy of the older unit, it might be better to spend the money on something more reliable. Costs of repair, operational costs, and replacement expenses are all going to be part of your final decision. Any unit which consumes too much energy might serve better to be retired. A newer York air conditioning unit will have a higher energy rating and pay for itself through reduced monthly bills. Older systems requiring seven hundred dollars or more to repair should probably be replaced.

One final factor can sway your decision toward repairing an older system. How often is it used to cool your home? Some areas have local climates which do not require a home to be cooled often. In these scenarios, you may actually save by having the unit fixed. Bardi professionals specialize in both HVAC replacements and typical cooling repairs. We can help you make the most cost effective decision for both your home and wallet. Our services are available twenty-four hours a day to assist with unexpected cooling problems. Technicians can evaluate your installed system to provide the most beneficial recommendations. Once we have your current air dilemmas resolved, we can also set up a maintenance plan to prevent future occurrences. Call us today to see what we can do to ensure comfort is available when it is needed most.


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