What to do if you’re facing the Cost of New Central Air Conditioning

Three years ago, the central air conditioning in my 2,300 sq ft house stopped working in the middle of July in Atlanta. Needless to say, I was on the phone with a heating and cooling company within 15 minutes. But for the next three days, as heating and cooling companies came and went, my jaw kept dropping and dropping. Not only did I need a new air conditioner, but I also needed a new air handler. The cheapest estimate: $12,800! And that didn’t include the fact that I would have to repair my hall ceiling after they removed the old air handler.

If you’re currently in the situation that I was in, you might be thinking that you should buy window units until your finances improve. But here’s the thing: if you’re like most of us, it’s going to be awhile before you come into thousands of dollars that you can drop on air conditioning. And if you buy enough window units to cool your whole house, you might end up spending $1,000 anyway. So, what should you do? In my case, the best option was to acquire financing for new central air conditioning components.

None of us like to go into debt. But most heating and cooling companies offer affordable, low interest financing, with some of them even offering the first year interest free. As with any form of financing, the more money that you put down upfront, the less your payments will be. All you have to do is get pre-approved and then get air conditioning. In most cases, heating and cooling companies have a financing partner that simplifies the pre-approval process by cutting out the middle man. So, before you buy purchase energy inefficient window units, ask your local heating and cooling company about their financing plans.


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