How American Standard Air Conditioning Systems Operate and the Importance of Maintaining Them

air conditioning serviceThe basic principles of operation are the same for most standard air conditioning units. You can compare how an air conditioner operates with how a refrigerator runs. A refrigerator uses energy in the form of electricity to create cool air and push warm air out into your home. An air conditioner does the opposite by using energy to transfer warm air outside and push cool air into your home. The evaporator component creates the cool air and the condenser transfers the warm air outside. Refrigerant is moved to and from the condenser and evaporator by the compressor pump. The compressor sends the refrigerant through the coils fins and tubing. While it is in the evaporator, the indoor heat is pulled out of the home and replaced with cool air. The hot air and gas are pumped to the outside condenser and turned back into liquid. This process occurs each time your unit kicks on.

The main components of any air conditioning system are the outside casing, condenser, evaporator, compressor, air ducts, and vents. All of these need to be checked and thoroughly maintained for your unit to remain effective during its use. When these items are not checked and neglected, these components may require repairs by an air conditioning service. Proper operation of your system is very important also. When it is running, all windows and doors should be closed. Never lay stuff on top of the outside unit while running and try to keep trash, weeds, and other items away from it as well. Have an air conditioning service check your system each year for any part malfunctions, basic cleaning, and filter replacement. In most cases having your unit serviced and maintaining it properly will prevent major damage from occurring. This can save you money on repairs and replacing system components.


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