How Can a Business Avoid Having To Replace Air Conditioning Units?

Having all electrical equipment your business uses serviced regularly can help each item function well and last. Most equipment used in a facility has a maintenance schedule that is followed for the best performance. Commercial air conditioning can be one item that is commonly overlooked. When a commercial air unit breaks down or needs replacement, businesses find that some preventative maintenance could have been done to avoid the problem. Having a commercial air conditioning system serviced does not require a large amount of funds and can save a business money. The cost incurred to replace air conditioning is very high. An inefficient system due to improper maintenance increases energy use, costs, and the chances of system replacement.

An industrial air conditioning service can easily service an air unit. Parts can become worn and break. Servicing involves checking each component to make certain it is working and does not need repair. Buildup on each component is removed through cleaning. Dirty parts must work harder to do their job and wear faster if not checked and cleaned on a regular basis. It is best to have an industrial air conditioning service check the unit each year. Having servicing done before it gets warm will make certain you receive a fast response and have the system available when the weather gets hot.

Create a monthly maintenance routine for the unit to help keep it clean. Clean or change filters monthly. Blocked filters are harder on the air unit and increase electricity use. Ducts and registers need to be cleaned to prevent clogging. Check the drainage pipes for damage and call a professional for replacement if needed. Use a cloth to clean dirt from the compressor to prevent buildup and rusting. Check and tighten all panels for proper air flow and operation. Maintenance and regular servicing can keep energy efficiency high and prevent the need to replace air conditioning.


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