Quietest Air Conditioners: Maintenance is Essential

A clean air conditioning unit will not only run more proficiently but also be much quieter in your home or business. Consistent use of a unit can cause parts to wear down and dirt to accumulate. Access dirt is very hard on specific parts such as the fan and compressor. As these parts begin to have to work harder to cool your home, the noise level they produce can drastically increase. It is important to have your system cleaned by a commercial air conditioning service once a year. Commercial HVAC cleaning and inspection will not only keep your unit running effectively, but also help it last longer. Clean and well maintained units are always the quietest air conditioners and that is why yearly maintenance should be a top priority of home owners.

Commercial air conditioning services check every major part of a unit for yearly maintenance. If a part is going bad or needs cleaning, they take care of it. They will also check ventilation and the other components inside the home to ensure good air quality, proper cooling, and correct thermostat operation. Some specific factors that contribute to a noisier unit are common. Age is one factor and unfortunately can only be remedied by having a commercial HVAC specialist evaluate and replace the unit.

Compressors and dirty fans are major contributors to air conditioner noise levels. A compressor that is nearing the end of its life will be very noisy and must be replaced for better operation and reduced noise. Fans that have excess dirt must be cleaned. Dirty fans eventually become imbalanced. This imbalance is very hard on the bearings and can cause them to go bad. Bad bearings and imbalanced fans increase the noisiness. Cleaning should be performed every year before use to prevent these sorts of complications. If the noise cannot be alleviated, it may be time to consider replacement. Contact a professional to determine what options are available.


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