Maintain Air Conditioning Performance with a Yearly Service Check

The last thing you want to experience as temperatures rise is an inefficient or non-functional air conditioning unit. Performance can be greatly decreased if the proper precautions are not taken each spring before heavy use. Air conditioning performance relies upon proper maintenance because it allows each component to continue functioning at full capacity. If these components are not checked and cleaned, they are at higher risk to not function at all. Expensive repairs or complete system replacement will be the end result. Not to mention, you spend more money cooling your home each summer as these items continue to be neglected. Regularly maintained cooling units tend to use twenty percent less energy and remain in operation longer. A qualified service company is the best source for system maintenance. They can spot minimum repairs before they become a large problem. Maintenance is a more affordable option over unexpected repairs or system failure.

York Air Conditioning: Servicing Your System

When you want your York air conditioning system to last, make it a priority to call a qualified service provider each spring. Service tasks will vary depending on the type and model of cooling system being utilized in your home or business. Typical checks for a home air conditioner include:

Checking the Refrigerant Level
Inspection and Cleaning of Condenser Coils
Filter Inspection
Cleaning of Non-Disposable Filters
Replacement of Damaged Gaskets
Cleaning and Lubrication of the Blower Unit
Inspection of all Belts
External Housing Cleaning
Drainage Check
Temperature Control Check
Wiring Inspection

In most cases, nothing major will be found wrong if this maintenance is performed at least once a year. Even with this service being performed by a professional, there are many things you can do to also increase the performance of your system. Be sure to remove any brush or other items away from the outside unit. Change the inside filters every one to three months depending upon the amount of usage. Make certain all vents are open as well and not blocked by furniture or other items. Close doors to unused rooms as a way to decrease the amount of energy needed to keep your home cool.

Bardi professionals are your maintenance experts in the Atlanta area. We know you do not want to spend more than is necessary to receive the comfort level desired in your home. By keeping your homes York air conditioning system maintained, you can prevent costly problems. If you consider the total cost of a service call, it can be easy to discourage yourself from taking care of something very important. Break the cost down to a monthly or daily total. Yearly maintenance averages one dollar or less a day. Now consider how much it would cost if you had to shell out eight hundred to one thousand dollars a year on repairs due to neglect. This puts it all into perspective as to why you would want to pay the small amount over the other possibility. We have many plans available to help ensure each used system provides dependable air conditioning performance.


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