Lowering the Cost of Air Conditioning in Marietta

An unmanageable energy bill is a complication most homeowners would rather not have to handle. However, as the temperature increases so does the costs of air conditioning in Marietta. An insufficient unit is one reason for additional energy spending. Not preparing a home can be another. Yearly upkeep on a home cooling unit does wonders for the monthly air bill. Service calls are not overly expensive. They are capable of decreasing energy costs by as much as five percent. Older units need to be replaced. Heavy operation reduces their efficiency over time. A building owner can save on energy expenses by deciding to upgrade to a unit with a higher efficiency rating. Small processes such as home preparation do their part in reducing energy usage as well.

Try These Expert Tips

You would be amazed at the effectiveness of blinds or drapes. Windows can have cracks which allow warm air to enter your home. They can be sealed to prevent air entry. Use window coverings to reduce warmth. Keep them closed during the afternoon. This prevents additional heat caused by direct sunlight. These small issues make the unit work harder to maintain a cool temperature. Turn off all unused lights or appliances. Electrical items such as televisions, computers, and lighting all increase heat within a home. When you turn off these items, your energy bill becomes less expensive. This decrease is from both the reduced workload of the unit and appliance usage. Filters should be replaced monthly during seasonal use. A filter keeps dirt from entering the system. Air flow is affected by a dirty filter. As a result, the unit must work harder to perform as normal. Cooling units also turn on more often when the filter is dirty.

Vents should never be blocked. Check both inside and outside vents to be certain they are free of items. Also be certain vents are not clogged. Days consisting of lower temperatures do not require a cooling unit to run constantly. Instead, use ceiling fans to circulate the air. They are an inexpensive method for keeping an area cool, and most are affordable. They require less energy than a central unit. The cost savings obtained by making these small changes can be phenomenal. Most of these tasks take only a few minutes but produce large energy savings.

Home preparation is another recommended way to lower energy use for a home. Check the insulation in the attic, walls, and basement areas. If there is not enough insulation, air will exit the home. This increases the work a unit must do to keep a home warm or cool. Seal all cracks around windows, doors, and in the foundation. Apply weather stripping to doors and windows. Make sure all door seals have not become worn out. All worn out seals need to be replaced. Call an expert to find out other measures which can be taken to reduce energy costs. Every little change can make a difference. A lowered monthly bill is worth the minimal effort required by these changes.


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