Industrial HVAC Systems: Is Evaporative Cooling An Option For Your Business?

Evaporative cooling occurs when a liquid evaporates into the surrounding air and cools other objects or liquids that it comes in contact with. Latent heat is used to cause evaporation and is created from the liquid, gases, and surrounding surfaces. This is a very common type of cooling used for buildings because it is more cost affective. For evaporative cooling industrial HVAC systems to be effective, they must have a large source of water available. They are more efficient in areas that have very low humidity and are used in dryer areas. Check with an industrial air conditioning service before having this type of commercial air conditioning installed. This will ensure the system works appropriately previous to spending the money for installation.

Three types of evaporative commercial air conditioning designs are available. Direct evaporative cooling changes liquid to vapor through the use of latent heat. For this particular process, dryer air is converted to cool damp air. Outside air heat evaporates the water. Indirect evaporative cooling uses a heat exchanger to perform evaporation. Cooled air does not come in contact with the environment. A two-stage evaporative cooling system prevents high humidity levels caused by other evaporative coolers. With this design air is cooled by being sent through a heat exchanger providing no additional humidity. The second part of a two-stage evaporative cooler involves air being sent through a wet pad. During this stage humidity increases as the air cools. These systems provide cold air with a much lower humidity rate.

As stated above an evaporative cooling system requires specific atmospheric conditions to operate correctly. An industrial air conditioning service can evaluate your building and determine if one of these air conditioners can be beneficial to your industrial business. The main benefit of one of these systems is energy efficiency and reduced costs. Your company can save a sufficient amount of money with this type of cooling.


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