HVAC for Commercial Buildings: Ways to Decrease Energy Costs

IMG_1416Energy costs can be very high for companies that do not get the maximum efficiency from HVAC for commercial buildings. A good running system that is well maintained can keep energy costs low and benefit a company. When they are not taken care of correctly and specific practices reduce their ability to run efficiently, energy costs will be higher than they should be. Be sure to have commercial HVAC installation done professionally. A certified company will be able to determine what size and type of unit is needed as well as the best installation method. This can ensure that the job is done right and the system is not inefficient due to a bad install or the wrong air conditioning unit.

Once installed, you can look for ways to create energy savings with the installed system. The most important thing to remember is regular maintenance on the system. Maintenance will prevent major components from breaking and keep the system clean. A clean system will run better and produce better air flow. In unoccupied space, the hours of operation can be reduced or eliminated for decreased energy use. Close the vents to unused spaces, turn off fan coil units, and turn off fans. Night set-back controls can be installed to limit the number of hours the system operates. Thermostat settings can be adjusted based on the season.

Other things that can be done include shutting the system off when it is not needed. Cleaning and meetings held before or after business hours can be scheduled at specific times to minimize system use. Separate controls can be installed for specific areas of the building. There are many ways to get maximum performance and reduce energy use with HVAC for commercial buildings. Speak with a commercial HVAC installation service for more tips on decreasing energy use. Take a look at the company buildings and how the system is used to determine how things can be improved.


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