HVAC Contractors: Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

HVAC work ranges from minor repairs to major replacements. In either case, homeowners should hire contractors who demonstrate professionalism. Otherwise, they could receive more than poor HVAC work. They could also experience property damage that an uninsured contractor can’t pay for. To avoid poor HVAC work and worse, consider the following tips in your search for a contractor:

Only Consider Licensed Contractors

To perform heating and cooling work in the state of Georgia, a contractor must receive a Class I Air Contractors License or a Class II Air Contractors License from the State Construction Industry Licensing Board. Always ask a contractor to present their license before you sign a contract.

Only Consider Bonded and Insured Contractors

A contractor is bonded when they secure money (in the form of a bond) that pays for settlements or court awards that result from on-the-job accidents; contractors are insured when they carry liability insurance that pays for property damage. Always ask to see proof of a contractor’s bonding and insurance before you sign a contract.

Only Consider Contractors that Have a Physical Business Address

The worst types of contractors are those that take your money, and then skip town. In almost all cases, these contractors do not have a physical address in the areas where they seek work. A crucial way to avoid being scammed is to avoid hiring HVAC contractors that don’t have a physical business address in your area.

Avoid Contractors that Make Cold Calls or Travel Door to Door

Contractors that make cold calls or travel door to door reveal an important fact: no one is calling them to do work. In most cases, reputable HVAC contractors have no trouble finding work, and they often have more than they can handle. For this reason, avoiding services that are forced to pursue business through phone calls or residential visits is the safest choice.

Ask for an Extended List of References

Sometimes, a contractor’s preferred references provide an overly positive view of its services. If you spoke with additional references, you might find that their services seemed mediocre instead of great. To avoid hiring a bad contractor based on the strength of a few references, asking for more references than they typically provide is an excellent idea.

Check a Contractor’s Record at the Better Business Bureau

Checking a contractor’s record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can reveal important information that isn’t available elsewhere, particularly how they respond to customer complaints. If a contractor’s record indicates that customer complaints are not promptly resolved – something that HVAC customers can ill afford – look for a different contractor.

Bardi has the Professionalism You Need in an HVAC Service

For over 20 years, Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning has been a licensed, insured, and bonded HVAC company that serves the greater Atlanta area. A carrier of York Air conditioning equipment and a proponent of best HVAC practices, we offer topnotch commercial and residential HVAC repairs, replacements, maintenance, and testing. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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