Maintaining Your Energy Efficiency Air Conditioner

IMG_1435The first step in lowering energy costs in your home is by installing more energy efficient items. An energy efficiency air conditioner is one of the biggest energy savers. Heating and cooling costs account for a large chunk of every home’s electric bill. Purchasing and maintaining a more efficient air conditioning unit can take up to twenty percent off the electric bill each month. If you have an older unit and are considering replacing it with a newer and more energy efficient air conditioner, consult with an air conditioning service to determine the appropriate size and capacity needed for your home.

Yearly maintenance is required to keep your system running efficiently after purchase and installation by a professional air conditioning service. Have a professional service your unit once a year to ensure that all major components are operating correctly and to prevent major repairs on the unit. Faulty components and refrigerant leaks can cause other problems to develop. Keeping an air conditioner clean reduces the chances of parts becoming faulty. This includes changing filters, cleaning filters, and keeping debris away from the condensing unit. Yearly maintenance includes cleaning components such as the condenser coil that are harder to clean yourself.

Do not set the temperature extremely low to quickly cool your home. This can result in the unit freezing and wasted energy. Set it to a reasonable temperature and let it slowly cool your home. On hotter days, set the unit to cool your home before it gets extremely hot outside. This will reduce how hard the unit has to work to cool your home. When you are leaving for the day or an extended period of time, turn the air conditioning unit off. The energy required to start cooling a home is less than the energy used to try to maintain a set temperature at all times. Performing simple tasks like these can increase the life of your unit and decrease monthly costs.


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