What You Need To Know About Commercial HVAC Systems And Air Quality

commercial hvac installationOne of the main requirements for any commercial HVAC system is to ensure that the air you breathe indoors has been properly filtered and conditioned. Constantly breathing in poor quality air which has been contaminated with gases, chemicals, dust, dirt, airborne bacteria, fumes, and general pollutants can cause severe health problems. If your lungs are not irritated immediately after breathing in this air, it’s even possible for you to start noticing the side effects of poor indoor air quality several years down the line. In order to prevent long term health problems such as asthma and respiratory problems, you should pay special attention to the care and maintenance given to your commercial HVAC installation.

Your commercial air conditioning system is what filters out these pollutants from indoor air and makes it possible to breathe easy in such a polluted environment. A commercial HVAC system can help deplete the air of toxic chemicals used on the job, as well as noxious fumes from cleaning substances. And although it is still necessary to use protective breathing gear when working with extremely toxic substances, running the air conditioner is generally a good idea. In extremely toxic environments, air will not be recycled. It will be sent outdoors and fresh air will be pulled indoors through the commercial HVAC installation, conditioned, and sent out of vents. In commercial air conditioning scenarios such as this, air filters should be changed often and high quality air filters should be used.

Ventilation is not only necessary for highly toxic environments. It’s also a good idea to get fresh ventilation going throughout any building in order to circulate air through the building and prevent stagnant air which can promote the buildup of indoor pollutants. It is now widely accepted that people who live and work in environments which have fresh filtered air are generally more happy and productive than those who are not.


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