Commercial HVAC Maintenance For Advanced Systems

Although commercial air conditioning appliances are becoming more efficient and self regulating with the help of controls and software, having commercial HVAC maintenance performed on a regular basis is still necessary. To prevent system failure associated with poor maintenance, commercial air conditioning contractors should regularly check the performance of your HVAC system and all of it’s components. Commercial HVAC maintenance can prevent many common issues which arise with regular use of air conditioning service.

Outdoor condenser coils as well as evaporator or indoor cooling coils should be kept clean at all times to prevent damage to your commercial HVAC system. Air filters can be changed either by commercial HVAC maintenance contractors during routine air conditioning service inspections or this can be done by yourself. One part of commercial HVAC maintenance which is often overlooked by most HVAC owners is the lubrication of blower bearings and motor bearings. Lubricating these parts results in the HVAC system needing less energy to function, since friction is greatly reduced. In addition to reducing friction, lubrication of blower bearings and motor bearings can even prolong the life of the HVAC system.

Although commercial HVAC systems have benefited from technological advances within the past few years, they are not yet self sufficient. Proper care and commercial HVAC maintenance is still necessary. Now HVAC contractors must not only be familiar with the appliances they are inspecting, but also the software and databases which control the respective components. Having an advanced HVAC system is no use if the HVAC contractor that is inspecting the appliances does not fully understand how to control the settings on it.

Before hiring an HVAC contractor to inspect your commercial HVAC system, ensure that the contractor has received the proper training before hand to perform maintenance on advanced commercial HVAC systems with precision controls.


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