Advanced Pumps In Commercial HVAC Installation

Centrifugal pumps are one of the central components of any commercial HVAC installation, yet they often times seem to be overlooked. In a commercial HVAC system the centrifugal pump supports the efficient performance of boilers, chillers, water systems, hydronic systems, and cooling towers. If the centrifugal pump in a commercial HVAC installation is well controlled and has a fully functioning motor it is more likely to be effective. Just like any other component of a commercial HVAC system, a well maintained centrifugal pump is more energy efficient and likely to last longer than one that is rarely inspected and maintained.

All components of air conditioning systems have been upgraded over the years in order to work more efficiently, produce less energy waste, and use more environmentally friendly materials. For the past several decades, however, centrifugal pumps were only upgraded in minor ways, and no major design overhauls were made. Now that energy efficiency is a top priority for any air conditioning and heating system, centrifugal pumps have finally gotten their massive upgrades.

Highly energy efficient centrifugal pumps and drive motors are now being used in a variety of commercial HVAC installation scenarios. Pump controls such as variable frequency drives and intelligent pump controllers are able to make the pump a more self sufficient component which can be programmed through software and data to perform duties at peak energy efficiency. These new controls allow greater precision with pump controls as well as programming to help the pump self regulate when common problems arise.

More advanced pumps mean energy savings and more reliable self regulation methods. However, a commercial HVAC installation with advanced software and databases requires a maintenance company with experience maintaining advanced models. The commercial HVAC maintenance specialists you hire to perform inspections on your pump should be very familiar with how intelligent pump controllers and variable frequency drives function.


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